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Upcoming events...

6th Annual Shopping Malls Summit

6-7 April 2016
Venue: Singapore
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"Retail has to evolve on a regular basis or it faces extinction. It's just the way it is ?

Retail In Mall

6-7 April 2016
Venue: Singapore
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"The global retail market will see steady growth over the next few years, and in 2018, worldwide retail sales will increase 5.5% to
reach $28.300 trillion" - Retail Week

London Brownfield Summit

13-14 April 2016
Venue: Hilton London Canary Wharf
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“We need to double housebuilding and provide a million more homes by 2025”
- Mayor Boris Johnson,2015

Aerotropolis Asia

18-19 May 2016
Venue: Singapore
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“Airports are sitting on a potential goldmine of real estate opportunities.”
– The straits Times

5th Annual Modular & Precast Construction

25-26 May 2016
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
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Better-designed residential and commercial buildings have been built to meet changing needs and tastes, but affordability and functionality continue to be emphasised. - HDB

Urban Renewal Australia

13-14 July 2016
Venue: Melbourne, Australia
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“Dull, inert cities, it is true, do contain the seeds of their own destruction and little else. But lively, diverse, intense cities contain the seeds of their own regeneration, with energy enough to carry over for problems and needs
outside themselves.” - Jane Jacobs

2nd Annual Integrated Logistic Hub

17-18 August 2016
Venue: Melbourne, Australia
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The freight task in Australia is increasing significantly due to import export activities. These have driven the development of logistics hub across the country which requires access of transport infrastructure. Governments need to focus in the long-term planning and enhancing of transport ne...

2nd Annual Affordable Housing

24-25 August 2016
Venue: Singapore
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“More than 80 per cent of Singaporeans live in Housing Development Board ats, mostly owner-occupied. Through this public housing scheme, Singapore has achieved the highest home ownership rate in Asia - at 90 per cent”.
- South China Morning Post 2015

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