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Upcoming events...

Digital Integration & Business Transformation Asia

3-4 August 2016
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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“CEOs generally understand the strategic opportunities and threats associated with digital business, but many have yet to build and communicate a vision for their companies or to develop a strategy to make that vision a reality.”
-Harvard Business Review-

4th ASEAN Hospital Management Summit 2016

10-11 August 2016
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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"Forging hospital partnerships, investment & strategies for an integrated ASEAN to flourish"

2nd Annual Affordable Housing

24-25 August 2016
Venue: Singapore
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“More than 80 per cent of Singaporeans live in Housing Development Board ats, mostly owner-occupied. Through this public housing scheme, Singapore has achieved the highest home ownership rate in Asia - at 90 per cent”.
- South China Morning Post 2015

Property Joint Venture Asia

5-7 October 2016
Venue: Singapore
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Creating new partnerships for developers to flourish

5th Urban Renewal

5-6 October 2016
Venue: Singapore
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“Globally, 54% of the population lives in urban areas today, and this trend is expected to continue: By 2045, the number of people living in cities will increase by 1.5 times to 6 billion, adding 2 billion more urban residents”
-The International Development Association, World Bank Group

Facilities Management Summit Asia

12-13 October 2016
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
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“We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.”
- Winston Churchill

2nd Annual Vehicle Fleet Management

19-20 October 2016
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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“Asia-Pacific is expected to exhibit the highest growth rate in the Fleet Management Market revenue out of the various regional markets, market is expected to grow to US$30.45 billion by 2018”

2nd Annual Transit Oriented Development

23-24 November 2016
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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“TOD lifestyle, a lifestyle that also puts money back into our pockets”
-Urban Land Magazine-

2nd Annual Consumer & Household Debt

22-23 February 2017
Venue: Singapore
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“Debt-to-GDP ratios have built up rapidly across Asia and may start impeding growth. Asian governments, corporations, and households have accumulated debt worth 205% of total annual economic output”
-McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)-

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