10th Annual Shopping Malls Summit | 7th-8th April 2021 | Virtual Conference


The COVID-19 global pandemic is having a lasting impact on Mall and Retail property’s around the globe. With consumers fearing going to crowded malls and being burdened with restrictive scanning practices, malls are facing the new challenges in getting there footfall back up. Lockdowns around the globe have hastened the retail Armageddon, with customers turning to online purchasing. COVID-19 has in the mid term changed the way malls will operate.

The increased use of digital requires mall operators to substantially increase their investment in omnichannel capabilities with creating a holistic technology architecture that connects mall-specific capabilities with central systems, service provider and cloud services, and enterprise technology, advertising, and application partners. The need for malls to develop a business resilience strategy and the drive to digital duplicate themselves has led to opportunities that can compete and work with online platforms. COVID-19 is not the death of malls, it’s the catalyst forcing all companies to accelerate there digital strategies, deep dive into their customers data and really take a long hard look and their relationships with their tenants.


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hyper[in] brings a game-changing solution for people who MANAGE shopping malls. We provide all the tools for multi-channel communication,
collaboration and integration between you and your tenants. You can MONETIZE spaces to outside advertisers and marketers. You have always
up-to-date information that you can use to CONNECT to consumers and understand them.



Yardi is an award-winning software solution that brings process to real estate. Dedicated to the property industry, our Cloud-based
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