2nd Annual Digital Ports Virtual Summit | 9th November 2021 | Virtual Conference


Before Covid-19, digitisation of ports was increasingly being pushed an important aspect of modernising the sector. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has proven to be a driver, hastening the process of digitalisation, and helping the maritime industry become more forward-facing and better prepared for the future. Furthermore, ongoing pressures on revenue and costs coupled with increasing complexity of dealing with border closures and global trade flows is forcing port authorities to relook at their business processes.

The loading and discharge of vessels are very much based on human contact, but vessels berthing in the traditional way are likely to leave crews in a vulnerable position. They face restrictions on going ashore, just as they must restrict visitors coming on board. Also, there are key individuals who require access, such as service technicians. The challenge for ports is to somehow reconcile Covid-secure requirements with the needs of efficiency and the ongoing demands of shipping.

With these challenges in mind the Port and Maritime Industry in this Covid world must Digitise, embrace the new era of the Internet of Things (IOT) and make use of connected technologies. Smart, Digital Port Technologies streamlined and connected data between ships at sea and at Port. These digital solutions enable port partners like logistics providers and freight companies to receive ship’s cargo information well in advance of there arrival increasing efficiency and trade competitiveness.

So, join us at Trueventus 2nd Annual Digital Ports Virtual Summit to gain insights into transforming your organization to gain a competitive edge in the current business environment.