3rd Annual Urban Tunnelling Strategies Summit | 22th November 2021 | Virtual Conference


Tunneling is the key infrastructure for the successful expansion of all major urban underground area, particularly for Asia, but also worldwide. The pace and scale of development of major cities in Asia is accelerating and places bored tunnel solutions with mechanized excavation at the heart of each strategy. Digging up intensely built sprawling urban areas and central business districts using predominantly cut and cover methods is no longer an acceptable option, and is avoidable with quality geotechnical site investigation, planning and the use of modern tunneling technology. The intensity of tunneling projects places incredible geotechnical related risks to the works, the workers and to third parties. City officials, insurance companies and the civil engineering industry have become intolerant of poor management of such risks. Incidents such as collapses to street level are no longer acceptable to them in the modern construction world. They are demanding proper control of risks by Contractors by means of knowledgeable selection of tunneling methodology, close control and supervision of such works, and properly executed risk assessment and management.

The selection and application of appropriate risk sharing contracts based on expected geotechnical conditions is a similarly key step for owners ensuring the successful implementation of contracts and avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Join us at Urban Tunnelling Strategies Summit by Trueventus to earn insightful knowledge and fruitful discussion on complexity and challenges of tunnelling in urban areas, case studies of project experiment and analysis and understanding of the key geotechnical risks and controls impacting upon urban tunnelling strategies.