Advanced Manufacturing Summit | 16th - 17th August 2023 | Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore


Despite being the most distinguished country in manufacturing industry, China recently took a hard fall with constant market disruption and labour issues. Key players like Apple have decided to have their own smart manufacturing plant at the US following this issue. Plex’s 7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report has stated that smart manufacturing adoption is rising by 50% year-over-year and the market is projected to reach $228.2 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 18.5%, and $446.24 billion by 2029.

Processes of advanced manufacturing is a valuable asset for companies aiming to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace through effective methods. Tesla’s installed production capacity across the globe from their smart factories grew by at least 850,000 units just within 4 months span. Smart factories enable enhanced productivity even with market disruption issues. Ford’s recent collaboration with 3D manufacturing partners has allowed the company to develop a range of applications with different materials and potentially save more than $2 million. These are some examples how smart factories are hitting higher productivity rate than traditional factories with greater labour count.

Join us at Advanced Manufacturing Summit by Trueventus and attain insightful knowledge around advanced manufacturing and its implementation. Learn and understand holistically about the development of Advanced Manufacturing in the plant, uncover case studies from reputable speakers, experience the latest applied technology to improve data quality insight, and gain networks with global experts across industries