Asia Crypto Asset Summit | 18th July 2022 | Virtual Conference


Back in 2009 the only crypto asset was Bitcoin, but because many assets, currencies and even supply changes have the potential for tokenization the number of crypto assets and therewith also the number of digital assets is likely to grow. Thanks to special characteristics of crypto assets, to be precise the use of cryptography and Blockchain technology, the way we invest in assets might change and this has the potential to disrupt many industries.

Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and current regulative efforts, digital assets are experiencing a boost in popularity on private and institutional levels. This comprises a huge spectrum of crypto assets, like Bitcoin and decentralized finance, digital securities and their infrastructure
All based on decentralized networks. Covering top-level content about current trends in DLT, blockchain and crypto assets through speeches, discussions or pitches, a diverse range of industry experts and thought-leaders will unite at the event
This event is to bring together industry leaders to focus on the full realisation (and adoption) of the Crypto Assets and blockchain technology ecosystem into the macroeconomy.