Chief Data Scientist | 5th-6th October 2022 | Sydney Masonic Centre, Australia


Data is an essential asset to any organization. It assists a company to understand and boost processes within the organization, in turn saving time and money. Efficient usage of data enables businesses to avoid expending unnecessary resources by analyzing the performance of various marketing channels and focusing on those that offer the best ROI. According to the IDC, global data is expected to increase to 175 zettabytes. With the power of data science, organizations will be able to more accurately dissect huge portions of data and to extract informative insights for smarter decisions and hence leading to better customer engagement, boost company performance & maximize profitability. A study done by Deloitte estimates a 76% proportion of businesses plan to increase their investment on analytics.

Data61, a venture powered by CSIRO is Australia’s answer to commit to a data driven future. They’ve committed to boost data science presence by building a network of government, industry and academic partners. CSIRO believes Australia can be cemented as a powerhouse globally by tapping into the country’s booming 315 billion dollar economy with data & digitally enabled technologies. To further enhance Australia’s mining operations, the government announced that they’ll be funding AUD 7.67 million to develop two mining research centres that’ll help the industry make better use of data & simulated based decisions for better optimization and efficiency of operations.