Chief Risk Officer | 10th - 11th May 2023 | Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore


The global marketplace is dramatically impacted by the rapid, unprecedented, unpredictable change. Supply chain issues are widespread. Regional conflicts and climate-related policy shifts add to global economic tensions. Inflationary conditions are affecting liquidity and profitability. Issues with recruiting and retaining top talent are preventing businesses from meeting their full potential. The impact of geopolitical conflicts on global trade and security clearly will hurt growth and raise prices. On the other hand, AI, robotics and other forms of automation and digital technology are advancing at a breakneck pace. PwC say 62% risk executives agree that policy shifts in technology and data are leading to the most change in their business. This innovation requires companies to adapt to thrive in an environment where new risks emerge along with ever-changing customer demands and demographics.

To flourish in the coming decade, risk leaders need to balance their focus holistically across six dimensions: financials, operations, technology, organisation, reputation and business model. Gartner findings show 57% of boards of directors have increased or expect to increase their risk appetite in 2023. Companies must revise their strategies and operating models to support business agility and provide proactive, robust and timely risk insights for effective decision making. Risk managers have never before been faced with global issues that they are experiencing now.