Coastal Engineering Summit Jakarta | 25th-26th August 2021 | Virtual Conference


Coastal cities like Jakarta are facing the combined challenges of urbanization, climate change, sea level rise and increased flood risks. The future rainfall will become more erratic and maximum rainfall intensities will increase. Multiple provinces (North Sumatera, West Java, Bengkulu and Jakarta) in Indonesia have already been experiencing terrible floods since late last year. Even worse, increasing urbanization requires precious urban space, while flood protection demands substantial investments.

Deepening and widening the navigation channel is therefore a major priority of every dredging professional and coastal engineer in flood prevention. It is always challenging to supervise dredging activities for port construction and expansion since they include the creation of access channels, berthing places and turning basins. This task has become increasingly vital in the reclamation of land for yard and terminal activities over the last few years as more APAC countries seek to expand their maritime infrastructure projects for commercial purposes.