Data Analytics in Construction Summit | 7th-8th July 2021 | Virtual Conference


Premature technological implementations only lead to further costs and burdens, and 35% of costs in E&C already comprise of waste material and remedial work! Firms, however, can buck this trend of bad investments if they seriously consider Big Data strategies. According to KPMG’s Future-Ready Index, the two technologies with the highest adoption rates amongst the top 20% E&C companies are BIM (86%) and basic data analytics (83%). These firms are leveraging valuable insights extracted from raw digital data to become true innovators in the industry, seeing their project costs and timelines being reduced significantly.


InEight provides field-tested project management software for the owners, contractors, engineers and architects who are building the world around us. Over 300,000 users and more than 750 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle. InEight’s solutions are built on an open, functionally rich and modular technology platform that drives seamless integration with other systems.