Fatigue Management for Mechanical Engineers | 23rd November 2021 | Virtual Conference


When cyclic load is applied to a mechanical equipment, fatigue life has to be calculated to ensure the component meets the design objectives. It is important to understand the lifting methodology and consider all factors affecting the fatigue capability to calculate fatigue life accurately. Factors affecting fatigue strength are classified in two categories: intrinsic (related to the material) and extrinsic (related to component geometry and operating environment).

This conference is focused on fatigue damage mechanisms, the behaviour of different type of materials/alloys, lifting method, the parameters needed to calculate the fatigue life, and the characteristics of welded joints as well as an introduction to fracture mechanics.

This conference will enable you to further develop your skills in engineering for durability and to discover the tell-tale signs of gradual failure due to fatigue. The course aims to give a grounding in the range of fatigue and fracture failure modes that can be measured. This allows the practicing professional the ability to calculate durability expectations for life-cycle assessments.