Phygital Retail Summit | Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza, Singapore | 7th - 8th April 2021


In a pre-covid world which was becoming increasingly omni-channel, various parts of the world become abundant with physical retail. Ever since, the pandemic had spread throughout the globe, retailers were forced to rethink their strategies on how to adapt and survive the aftermath that Covid-19 brought. Now, retail has become massively online, with the emergence of various e-commerce, online shopping and technological platforms. It is hard pill to swallow, that the prevention and safety measure being observed currently will become the new norm and modus operandi for decades to come. This will force retailers to begin adopting digital methods and applying advanced technology in the way their businesses are operated on a day to day basis. However, retailers now have the luxury of choosing from a diverse range of new methods to better suit both their organizational and business model and also to go the extra mile and take advantage of the various data driven technologies to elevate customer experience while also staying safe.