Planning for Successful PR Strategies Summit | 20th December 2021 | Virtual Conference


In the last five years the public relations profession has changed fundamentally. The main focus is no longer on tactical media relations and events, it is now on true strategic public relations that recognises what an organisation does is what most affects its reputation.

The question for public relations professionals is no longer if they should integrate digital and social media into their public relations strategy, but simply how to do it most
effectively. Some of the big changes in the PR profession include the increasing importance of big data, the importance of content, channel neutrality (blending earned, owned and paid media) and how public relations can and should be measured and evaluated.

The skills needed for a modern public relations professional go far beyond the ability to write well and communicate effectively. A modern PR professional needs to understand video, images, data, blogs, social networks, word-of-mouth, social media and a myriad of other content types and channels. Even traditional media relations is changing fundamentally as print and broadcast media face the challenge of increasing use of the internet and mobile to access news and content.