Private Equity Buyouts Summit | 1st November 2021 | Virtual Conference


As our organisations could be involved in a Private Equity Buyouts (PEBs) at any point, delegates from all sectors and industries will benefit from understanding the fundamentals of private equity buyouts and the potential impacts that the buyout might have on their team.

The media often portrays Private Equity Buyouts as being ruthless in nature, leading to massive restructuring and layoffs, that the process rips off the common man and the involved firms’ employees and eventually bankrupts the company as the buyers reap all the benefits and get rich off the deal.

This summit in Private Equity Buyouts (PEBs) will provide a solid foundational understanding private equity buyouts. The summit will cover the roles and objectives of the parties involved and the factors that contribute to a successful transaction. The course will enable delegates to engage in more informed meetings regarding potential PEBs and prepare their teams and organisations for the transition period if necessary.