Project Cost Engineering Summit | 20th-21st January 2021 | Virtual Conference


Every industry now faces a strategic turning point, requiring a change in the way investments are planned and executed. Enterprises that pursue a “business-as-usual” strategy will find themselves increasingly boxed into a corner, unable to benefit from nimble technologies and business models available today. Particularly, successful project delivery in a turbulent global economy has become highly dependent on effective and efficient cost management. The project environment is uncertain and project teams must operate, not only within this uncertainty, but also subject to multiple constraints. All project activities have a cost and they will all impact upon a projects’ budget from a consumption perspective – i.e. resources are allocated and utilized and money is spent as the project moves through its lifecycle. It has therefore always been a difficult question to determine whether or not a project is a success when it is over budget and late, yet the deliverables far outlast the original expectation. Forward-thinking enterprises must now find ways to grasp the interrelationships between cost, project lifecycle and operational activities if they want to fully visualize the broad picture upon which the process of successful project delivery is built. Come find out how to get costs throughout the project lifecycle under control at the Project Cost Engineering Summit by Trueventus. Learn from professionals, who have leveraged best practices in cost engineering, what are the effective set of skills and knowledge that will allow you to manage the dynamic project/product cost function. Acquire the ability to implement the application of techniques that will contribute directly to more efficient project financial management processes.