Rotating Equipment Maintenance | 29th November 2021 | Virtual Conference


Industrial maintenance practitioners have become increasingly aware of the importance of Avoiding Intrusive Maintenance through Predictive Maintenance, the adoption of Best Practice Lubrication and other Equipment Care measures, Precision Repairs and Defect Removal (Reliability Growth through Continual improvement and Adaption of Equipment to its Operating Environment).

Improve Profitability with a maintenance philosophy based on the use of on-going care of machinery by operators and maintainers with machinery Health Monitoring though the use of both, the traditional (touch, listen, smell, see) monitoring and modern Condition Monitoring tools. Even the most inexperienced car driver knows something is wrong when the engine makes “funny noises” (although some drivers are more attune to such problems than others are). From the ’60 hazardous industries have been refocusing their maintenance on Reliability Centered Maintenance. This involved identifying functional failures and employing condition monitoring to give early warning of component health deterioration and the maintenance needed.

Over recent years, as electronic equipment has become cheaper, such maintenance is more widely applied, as there are many tools to monitor equipment parameters both on-line and through regular inspection. Equipment condition (health) can largely be assessed from the results of this monitoring, allowing Predictive Maintenance to be performed with reduced direct maintenance and indirect (lost profit) cost. However, often the most cost-effective improvements come with attention to good practices and the application of simple changes that make failures less likely.