Security Token Asia Summit | 6th October 2021 | Virtual Conference


As blockchain technology is increasingly used in the securities market, it is expected that the digitization of assets will improve the liquidity of the entire capital market. In Southeast Asia, digitization is progressing in various industrial fields, and collaboration among companies is being carried out one after another. The development of the token economy has brought turmoil to the capital markets during 2017–2018 due to lack of legislation. However, at present, the market is expanding from crowdfunding (fan business) to traditional securities and even real assets.

Digitization along with the blockchain are now being adopted by the traditional financial services industry and will create opportunities for many and radically disrupt others. All the world’s major stock exchanges and banks along with new entrants and country regulators are positioning to take the lead. Participants in our summits have the chance to hear from some of the leaders in the space and participate in interactive sessions aimed at identifying the largest opportunities in this new ecosystem.

We will be focusing on opportunities in traditional securities, alternative assets and funds. Bringing together Fintech, Blockchain, Investment Banking and the wider ecosystem. How can we re engineer capital markets using blockchain? This event will include keynote speakers tackling select in-depth case studies and panel discussions delving into niche topics. For institutional investors, this will be an opportune scenario for both first-hand insight from industry players as well as peer-to-peer conversations.

This event is to bring together industry leaders to focus on the full realisation (and adoption) of the security token and blockchain technology ecosystem into the macroeconomy.